National Science Foundation REU's

Oregon State Undergraduate Research Framework

This site is a resource for undergraduates and faculty looking to participate or implement undergraduate research. 

College of Agricultural Sciences

College of Engineering

College of Forestry

College of Health & Human Sciences

College of Science

Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium

Internships in Scientific Research or Medicine - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Environmental Sciences Research Opportunities

Department of Energy - Scientific Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI)

If you are interested in applying for one of these research internship, please contact LSAMP before starting application.  Special funds may be available for LSAMP students pursuing SULI programs.

REU on Pollination Biology - Funded through National Science Foundation (NSF)

Oregon State University is pleased to host a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded summer research experience for undergraduates in biological sciences.  This 10 week program will provide undergraduates with experience in cross-disciplinary research in pollination biology in natural and manipulated ecosystems. Participants will learn about the scientific process while gaining knowledge about structural adaptations in plants and bees involved in pollination, and becoming skilled in identification of local bees and flowers.

OSU Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity (URISC)

URISC is a Research Office program that supports OSU undergraduate research activities.  "Research" at OSU is interpreted broadly to reflect what goes on not only in laboratories and field stations, but also in libraries, art studios, and music practice rooms.  The Research Office seeks to involve undergraduate students from all academic disciplines within the University. Full-time undergraduate students currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree at OSU and who are in good standing are eligible to apply.  Preference may be given to undergraduate students having their first research experience. For more information on the URISC program, please click on the link above.

Hatfield Marine Science Center job listserv

This listserv is used to disperse information about jobs, fellowships, and grant opportunities for research or work in the marine sciences, environmental policy, resource management, and related fields to students and job seekers at Hatfield Marine Science Center and Oregon State University.

Funding your Undergraduate Research

Advice and sources for funding your research experience are listed on this site, put forth by the Environmental Sciences Department in the College of Science.  Information, however, is helpful for a variety of research fields and majors.